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Weston - Roma Tube Pasta Machine      Weston Roma Tube Pasta Machine
(Item #601102)

A manual pasta machine that can produce five different types of pasta: rigatoni, buscatini, mezze penne, tortiglioni, and fusilli. The machine clamps easily to any countertop, and the rubberized feet protect the counter surface. Features a disc rack to keep discs organized, a pasta dough mixing kit for less mess, and a cutter spatula to remove pasta from the disc. Dishwasher safe accessories.
  • C-Clamp to secure the tube pasta machine to the countertop
  • Ring Nut wrench aides in releasing the front ring nut or quick disc changing
  • Past dough Mixing kit includes front cap, enclosed lid and mixing paddle
  • Cutter spatula easily cuts the pasta off the disc
  • Disc rack keeps the discs organized
    Price:  US$69.99 


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    Weston Noodle Maker 150

    Weston Noodle Maker 150
    (Item #676482)

    Make fresh homemade pasta anytime! Make fettuccine, spaghetti, and more. Multiple thickness setting. Handle, clamp, and instruction booklet. Accessories available for making specialty pasta and different shapes of ravioli noodles. 5" wide

    Price:  US$45.99 


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    Manual Noodle Machine
         ProProcessor Manual Noodle Machine
    (Item #620403)

    This noodle machine is for manually making noodles at home. This machine is also made of import materials, full metal chrome, new design, compact structure, beautiful, shine and hygiene, multifunction. It can make thick & thin noodles, dumpling shell, steamed stuffing bun shell, won ton shell and other flour food.
  • Roller width: 180mm
  • Roller gears: 6 gears
  • Knife width: 2mm/4mm
    Manual Noodle Machine
    Price:  US$28.99 
  • Manual Noodle Machine
    Tomato Juicer/Pasta Cutter Motor          
    Tomato Juicer/Pasta Cutter Motor
    (Item # 645470)
    Dual purpose electric motor for pasta and food strainer machines.  Converts your manual appliance to electric use.  Includes mounting bracket and easy-to-follow instruction booklet.
    Price:  US$94.99  
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         Pasta Cutter 1mm
    (Item #645461)

    Same as above but for angelhair noodles. Finest noodles possible.
    Price:  US$15.95 
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         Pasta Cutter 2mm
    (Item #645462)

    To make what is normally called a "fine" noodle.About 1/10" wide
    Price:  US$14.99 
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         Pasta Cutter 3mm
    (Item #645463)

    Approximately a 1/8" noodle..
    Price:  US$15.95 
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    Pasta Cutter      Pasta Cutter
    (Item #645465)

    Cuts pasta at 50mm, for a really wide noodle.
    Price:  US$15.95 
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         Pasta Cutter 8mm
    (Item #645466)

    Makes a 5/16" noodle. What is normally called a "wide" noodle.
    Price:  US$15.95 
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         Pasta Cutter 12mm
    (Item #645464)

    For 1/2" noodles.
    Price:  US$14.99 
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    Ravioli Pasta Cutter      Ravioli Pasta Cutter
    (Item #645468)

    Makes your pasta in the shape of Ravioli.
    Price:  US$15.95 
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    Half Moon Pasta Cutter      Half Moon Pasta Cutter
    (Item #645467)

    Cuts pasta in the shape of a half moon.
    Price:  US$15.95 
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    Large Pasta Drying Rack      Large Pasta Drying Rack
    (Item #602000)

    Approximately 4' tall and 2.5' wide.
    Will hold a large amount of noodles.
    Price:  US$49.99 
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    Pasta Drying Rack      Pasta Drying Rack
    (Item #600370)

    This traditional wooden pasta drying rack is perfect for drying fresh homemade pasta. The eight arms are angled so they don't interfere with each other. Like traditional drying racks, the rack is made of unfinished wood so the pasta strands won't slide off.
  • Four 18-inch wood dowels provide
    eight arms for drying fresh pasta
  • Drying rack stands 16-1/2 inches high
  • Heavy, 7/8-inch-thick base for stability
  • Disassembles easily for storage
  • Traditional unfinished wood; wipe clean with dry or damp cloth
    Price:  US$12.99 
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    Sliding Spaetzle Maker

    Sliding Spaetzle Maker

    (Item # 600316)

    By far, our most popular model with pull/pull easy sliding action. This item is great for homemade spaetzle.

    Price:  US$24.99  

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    Stainless Steel Pasta Crimper     Stainless Steel Pasta Crimper
    (Item #600369)

    Cuts, seals & creates a decorative edge.
    Great for making ravioli, pies, turnovers, hors d'oeuvres, empanaditas, finger sandwiches & More!
    Price:  US$6.99 


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