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Deluxe 5-piece Home Canning Kit      5-Piece Canning Tool Set
(Item #670633)

This kit includes all your canning accessories.
  • Wide mouth canning funnel
  • Vinyl coated hot jar lifter
  • Jar opener wrench
  • Vinyl coated kitchen tongs
  • Magnetic lid lifter
    Price:  US$16.99 
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Canning Rack(5984 bytes)      Canning Rack
(Item #670636)

Keeps jars from touching each other or the canner.Canning Rack holds up to 7 quart or 7 pint jars.Measures 12.25 inches x 12.25 inches diameter and 2.25 inches depth. Made of chromed steel. Long side handles to prevent burning your hands when putting in or taking out jars.
Price:  US$12.99  


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Jar Lifter      Jar Lifter
(Item #670365)

Lifts hot jars out of canner so you don't get burned! Designed to allow removal of any size canning jar from boiling water. Stay cool cushion coated handles improve gripping power and reduce breakage!
Price:  US$7.99 
Jar Lifter
Stainless Steel Canning Funnel (3097 bytes)      Stainless Steel Canning Funnel
(Item #670372)

An essential for food preservation, this wide-mouth stainless-steel funnel lets you quickly and safely pour liquid, brine and food into canning jars. The 2 1/4" wide-mouth opening is large enough to transfer dry ingredients such as sugar, flour or grains from bulk-quantity bags into storage containers. Sturdy construction to pour soup or stew into thermoses. Also ideal to transfer sauce into storage containers. Nonreactive to food or liquid. Side handle to transport and hang to store.
Price:  US$14.99  


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Extra Wide Mouth Canning Funnel      Extra Wide Mouth Canning Funnel
(Item #676175)

Fill jars fast with this plastic jar funnel for canning. This jar funnel for wide-mouth jars makes jelly making simple. Vented design for fast flow. High-heat plastic, great for canning. Wide-mouth design handy for filling jars or large containers. Mouth: 2.2 dia. Funnel: 4 3/4 dia. Dishwasher safe.
Price:  US$3.99  


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Funnel with Spout      Funnel With Spout
(Item #601702)

Fill jars fast using either the large mouth for jars or the narrow for bottle necks. Has an easy to hold handle. Made of stainless steel.
Price:  US$16.99  


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Lid Canning Rack      Lid Canning Rack
(Item #670367)

This canning lid rack is an essential canning tool that provides a quick and easy way to sterilize your canning lids. Water circulates freely around the lids to sterilize them completely. The canning lid sterilizer holds up to 12 regular or wide mouth canning lids. Handle can be removed for easy storage.
*Lids NOT Included!
Price:  US$14.99  


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Magnetic Lid Wand

     Magnetic Lid Wand
(Item #670368)

Safely remove canning lids from boiling water using this convenient magnetic lid wand! Made of durable, heavy duty magnets, this lid wand picks up one lid at a time, helping to keep your canning lids sterilized. An essential tool for home canning enthusiasts!
Measures 7in/18cm.
*Color may vary, lid not included.
Price:  US$2.99 


magnetic lid wand

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