Game Processing Equipment

Processing game yourself is very rewarding! When processing your own game you know where your meat has been, and have pride that it is yours! Doing it yourself gives you the power to make it so it exactly matches your tastes.

We will try to lead you through the steps of making your own meat safely so you wind up with good food on your table.

How-to videos
Ask The Meatmans -- Pork Slaughtering DVD      Ask The Meatmans -- Pork Slaughtering DVD
(Item #666004)

This 1 hour long video gives detailed instruction for slaughtering a hog. It uncludes how to kill, skin and gut a hog.
Price:  US$24.99 


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item keyword      Ask The Meatmans -- Deer Slaughtering DVD
(Item #666005)

This 55 minute long video includes how to field dress a white tail deer. It shows two different positions, hanging and from the ground. It also shows how to sharpen your knife, and how to skin the deer. This is an easy to navigate video and will play on all high qaulity players.
Price:  US$24.99 
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item keyword      Ask The Meatmans -- Beef Slaughtering DVD
(Item #666006)

This 1 hour long instrucional video shows you how to slaughter beef detail by detail. It will show how to kill, skin and gut beef.
Price:  US$24.99 


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Hang Your Game for Easier Processing


(Item #600307)

Adjustable Big Game Gambrel. Regular T-HANGER. Great for predator, hog, deer, or elk. Holds animals 20-600 lbs. Self adjusting to fit almost any animal. Won't drop any portion of the animal on the ground. Heavy-duty zinc coating. Open hook hangs without threading. Animals legs are spread open by it's weight to provide easy access to pelvic area. Gambrel remains level even with the animal hanging on just one side. Unconditional lifetime warranty.
Price:  US$39.99 



A Specialized Skinning Knife will Help

Skinning Knife      F. Dick 6" Skinning Knife
(Item #817176)

6 inch Curved Blade.
Stainless Steel with Easy Grip handle, this blade offers superior control for use in skinning deer, sheep and other animals. Professional Quality Guaranteed! 
Price:  US$29.99 
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Split the Carcass - Electrically or Manually

Electric Wellsaw

Owner's Manual

Electric Wellsaw
(Item # 645355)
Complete w/ 17 inch reciprocating blade and blade support - Ready to go to work! This is a 404 well saw.

  • Specs:11 lbs
  • 1 horse power motor
  • 115v A/C
  • 8,000 strokes per minute
  • Price:  US$839.99  
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Butcher Saw      22 inch Professional Butcher Saw
(Item #603501)

22 Inch Stainless Steel
This powerful saw will allow you to cleanly and effortlessly move through any type of meat or bone, making your work faster and easier.
Price:  US$37.99 
professional butcher saw!

A Sanitary Workplace is a Good Idea

24x36 Worktable      24x36 Worktable
(Item #629658)

Cast Aluminum corner brace/socket
16 guage/430 stainless steel
18 guage undershelf and hat channel
1 5/8" galvanized legs
Adjustable plastic bullet feet
Price:  US$149.99 
Check if your delivery location falls into any of these categories.
Non-Commercial Delivery - Add $100
No Loading Dock or Forklift - Requires Liftgate - Add $90
Canadian Delivery - Add $100
Hawaii & Alaska- Add $450


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Table Saws Make Great Steaks

ProProcessor Bone Band Saw     
Proprocessor Table top Model
(Item # 600567)

If you offer your customers fresh cuts of meat, you need to have a saw that can handle the job! With the ProProcessor meat and bone saw, fresh steaks, hamburgers and other meats are only a slice away. This model is designed to sit upon a tabletop. This commercial saw is constructed of stainless steel,and is ready to accommodate all of your medium duty needs.
110 VAC 16" x 17" Table  65" Blade  All Stainless Steel Food Zone
Cuts from 1/4" - 7" slices up to 8" tall
Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Belt Wheel Dia: 210mm
Blade Speed: 15m/s
Full One Year Parts Warranty.

You can save on shipping charges if you have your equipment sent to a business that has a forklift or loading dock!
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Price:  US$1699.00  
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Non-Commercial Delivery - Add $100
No Loading Dock or Forklift - Requires Liftgate - Add $90
Canadian Delivery - Add $100
Hawaii & Alaska- Add $450
For Wiring Schematic, click here
For Manual, click here

Some Meats Need Tenderizing

Pro Processor Meat Tenderizer Attachment      Pro Processor Meat Tenderizer Attachment
(Item #698105)

Comes with a convenient handle and it has a 7 1/2" x 1" opening. This tenderizer can handle a lot of meat and it will fit the #12 & #22 Proprocessor, #12 & #22 American Eagles, #12 Hobart Machines and others that take a 9/16" square drive and tapered stud that is 1 3/8" in diameter tapering up to 1 7/16" at the body of the stud. Has 32 rotating knives on each side and 2 stripper combs. Total of 64 rotating knives.
Price:  US$399.99 


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Steaks will Still be Delicious a Year Later with Vacuum Sealing

Table Top Vacuum Chamber Machines     

Vacuum Chamber Sealer w/ 16" x 13" x 5.75" Chamber    (Item #646700)

This vacuum sealer is a table top model 110 V.A.C. has two - 15.75" - 3/8" wide sealing bars (not wires) approx. 13" apart and will hold object up to 5.75" tall.
16"x14" actual working size area.
This Commercial Vacuum Sealer will seal 4-7" wide commercial vacuum bags per cycle. Set the vacuum packaging time, sealing time, and sealing temperature and then close the lid. The vacuum machine starts automatically and completes the full cycle of vacuuming and sealing within seconds. Vacuum packaging machines are a safe and hygienic way of sealing and storing food. Easy to use, simply seal and store food or liquids in ambient, chilled or freezing temperatures and reheat by boiling or microwaving the food while still in the bag. Outside measurements 21.5" x 18" x 23.5"H.
All Stainless Steel 85 kg. 200 lbs
Motor horsepower 1.5 hp
20 cubic meters per hour
Compare that!

(Check your voltage - unit must have at least 110 Volts.)
You can save on shipping charges if you have your equipment sent to a business that has a forklift or loading dock!
Please check box if you do not have a business address or loading dock or forklift.
Price:  US$1799.00 
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Non-Commercial Delivery - Add $100
No Loading Dock or Forklift - Requires Liftgate - Add $90
Canadian Delivery - Add $100
Hawaii & Alaska- Add $450
After you've purchased your new Vacuum Sealer, Read this!
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              Video of Weston Vacuum Sealer
Video of Weston Vacuum Sealer html 5 video youtube by v1.8
vacuum sealer
Weston Vacuum Sealer
(Item #644100)

This is the widest Vacuum Sealer for large bags - Up To 17" wide. Quick cycle time too! This is the perfect replacement for all those Foodsaver vacuum sealers that keep breaking down. This one won't break down!
Price:  US$439.99 


For more Info, click here!

The Thin Blade Makes Boning Much Easier

Boning Knife      F. Dick 5" Boning Knife
(Item #817171)

5 inch Flex Blade
Stainless Steel with Easy Grip Handle. The choice of knife when butchering meats, filleting fish and cutting poultry. Professional Quality Guaranteed!
Price:  US$22.99 
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A Good Grinder is a Necessity - Works with Tenerizer Attachment Above.


Commercial Meat Grinder at a New Low Price!

#12 ProProcessor  Grinder Click to watch video of meat grinder head assembly!
     #12 ProProcessor Model 12 Meat Grinder
(Item #646335)

All stainless steel motor housing, tray, knife and plate. Totally enclosed gear moving, compact construction and stable operation. Built in circuit breaker. Has forward and reverse. 110V. Output up to 275 lbs. of meat per hour. Stainless Steel pan measures 14" x 10 1/2" x 2 1/4" deep. Weighs 60.5 lbs
This grinder teams up with 600298 Meat Tenderizer and 698115 Jerky and Fajita cutter. Also accepts the commercial vegetable slicer 620295.
What a great team!
Price:  US$699.00 
meat grindersQuantity:

One Year Guarantee!!

For Parts

Try this Sausage Mix...IT'S GOOD!

Venison Sausage Seasoning      Venison Sausage Seasoning Mix
(Item #632020)

10 oz. for 25 lbs. Meat. Contains MSG. This is a delicious sausage mix. I often say that this makes a sausage that you don't have to put ketchup on. It has an unusual taste. REALLY GOOD!!! You can buy a case of 24 right below.
Price:  US$5.99 
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It's a little more expensive but the tilt feature is important. Click here for Larger Mixers

It Tilts!!

50 lb. Meat Mixer
          Meat Mixer Adjustment Video
Meat Mixer Adjustment Video html 5 video youtube by v1.8
     50 lb. Meat Mixer
(Item #846318)

Great for mixing meat,vegetables, seasonings or any huge amounts of food. Make your favorite sausage or even your famous seasoning recipe. This product makes clean up and storage so much easier! The tub can tilt 90 degrees or 180 degrees to empty or store meat. Meat tub is fully removable just flip up latch. Gearbox is water tight and includes steel roller bearings. Swivel feet adjust to unlevel surfaces. Attaches to any LEM grinder. Includes plexi-glass cover.
Price:  US$469.99 

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Other Casings Found Here

Hog Casing-sausage making Hog Casings
(Item # 632066)

50 Ft. Home Packs  Good for about 20 lbs of meat

Hog Casings are the most popular casing for sausage in the world. These natural casings enclose the meat in a fine membrane that is hardly noticable when you eat the sausage. This economical pack has various diameters since it is made of ends of sausage casing left when packaging the hanks below (Item 632064).
Price:  US$ 10.99  


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Click here for more commercial sausage stuffers.
30 lb Vertical SS Sausage Stuffer
30 lb ProProcessor Vertical SS Sausage Stuffer
(Item #600564)

New Heavy Duty Sausage Stuffers By ProProcessor
Easy loading Stainless Steel Canister
Dual Speed Steel Gears for powerful stuffing and rapid refilling
Includes 4 Stainless Steel Stuffing Tubes 14mm or 5/8 inch - 20mm or 7/8 inch - 30mm or 1 1/4" - 36mm or 1 1/2".
One year Parts Warranty!


Price:  US$599.00 


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Making Lots of Sausage? You Need a Sausage Linker

Video of Manual Sausage Tying Machine
Manual Sausage Tying Machine ogg converter by v2.7
     Manual Sausage Tying Machine 42mm
(Item #600667)

Can you tie your sausage links this fast? Increase business by increasing productivity making your customers happy. Will tie up to 100 links per minute. You may have to not pack meat in casing to tightly to allow for knot. Save time and trouble linking your sausage, run the entire casing out and link later.
Price:  US$699.00 
Manual Sausage Tying Machine
Sausage Twine Holder-sausage casings
     Twine holder for cones of twine
(Item #645360)

Twine not included-- order below
Price:  US$21.99  


divider between Twine holder for cones of twine
     Cone of Twine
(Item #645704)

- Fits above twine holder 2 lbs of twine Thick twine. Cone of twine is 8 ply
Price:  US$16.99  


divider between Cone of Twine
Pro Processor 36      Pro Processor 36" Charcoal/Wood Smoker
(Item #634004)

Product Features:
  • Two chrome plated steel cooking grills
  • Water pan
  • Charcoal pan
  • Temperature gauge
  • Air vent dampers
    Price:  US$199.99 
  • Pro Processor 36 Charcoal/Wood Smoker
    When you're done processing, here are some ideas about cooking!

    98 Ways to Cook Venison

         98 Ways to Cook Venison
    (Item #980040)

    Along with many wonderful venison recipes, this cookbook includes everything you need to know about caring for your meat.

    Price:  US$12.99 


    divider between 98 Ways to Cook Venison

    wild game cookbook

         Dressing & Cooking Wild Game
    (Item #980209)

    Compared to domestic meat, wild game is richer in flavor and lower in fat and calories. This book, Dressing & Cooking Wild Game, is the complete guide to field dressing and preparing great-tasting big game, small game, upland birds and waterfowl. With over 370 color photographs, step-by-step directions, and valuable nutritional information, this book teaches you how to make your wild game dishes as memorable as the hunts that made them possible.

    Price:  US21.95 


    wild game

    Venison Cookery

         Venison Cookery
    (Item #980136)

    If you hunt deer, or know someone who does, you'll love this book! This beautiful hardcover, full-color cookbook contains over 140 recipes...just for venison!
    Price:  US$21.95 


    divider between Venison Cookery
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