Setting up your Vacuum Chamber Sealer

What to do when you get your new Vacuum Chamber Machine!

1. Remove all the items from the vacuum chamber. Some of the things that you may have: 2. Clean the chamber with food grade cleaner

3. We now sell both 220 and 110 V.A.C. vacuum sealers. Make sure you know which you have.
The way to be sure is to look on the plate on the machine. To really be sure, check the plate on the pump motor!

110 V.A.C. units should be ready to go as is. You may or may not have a plug installed on your cord. Trust no one - make sure you know the ground is the ground. Plug the power cord into the back of the machine. Find the end of your cord and determine which is the ground lead. Do this with an ohmmeter. (Available almost anywhere for about $10). Put one lead on the housing of the machine and touch each lead on the power cord. When you get a reading of "0", that's the ground. That one attaches to the ground prong on your plug. Go to Step 4.

To set up your 220 v.a.c. circuit

4. Start Vacuum packing
Vacuum Sealer

Get ready to save Money and Increase Sales!

Adjusting the lid on a dual chamber vacuum sealer

Vacuum Sealer lid adjust

After years of hard use, your dual chamber vacuum sealer's lid may need adjustment. It's Easy! Do this!

1, Loose the screws #1 and the set screws beside it and nuts #2 on all four arms.

2, Push down the lid, when the vacuum gauge points to yellow or green range, cut off the power and keep the lid sealed on the chamber, then tighten the #1 screws and set screws and #2 nuts. Then turn on the power, push the stop button to release the air.

Repairing the heat strip on your vacuum sealer

There are split bolts on each end of the sealer assembly. Those are the same bolts that the wires connect to. You put the heat strip into the split so that you can wind up and tighten the heat strip after you have replaced the insulating fabric.

Oh, yes, replacing the heat strip on the dual chamber machine looks very difficult but it is not. There is one bolt that holds the heat assembly up under the lid. Remove that bolt and it comes down so that you can simply detach the wires on each end and repair the heat strip.

After years of hard use, your single chamber vacuum sealer's lid may need adjustment. It's Easy! Do this!

If your vacuum chamber doesn't seem to vacuum as good as you remember, it could be one of two things. First, check the level of oil in the sightglass and the color. If it is a creamy coffee color, it needs replacing. (available on the web page for vacuum sealers) If not and the level is OK, the lid may not be sealing completely. This sometimes happens at the hinge to the right rear. See if you can slide a card between the gasket and the top of the metal chamber when the machine is operating. If there is a gap, you will have to remove the rear panel to get to it. You will find a hole in the lower part of the rounded hinge. You will need a long metric allen wrench. The set screw is way up in there and you will need to tighten it a little, until the lid seals. That's it!
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