Chile Grills

Before you use the Chile Grill it probably would not hurt to give it a good washing. When it is clean, a little squirt with some cooking oil is in order - does not need much - just enough to keep the cheese or whatever from sticking.
Basic Jalapeno Pepper Preparation
(Say that 5 times real fast!)
When selecting your jalapenos at the store, go for the big ones that are straight and tapered. It makes fixing them easier, and there is more to eat later! Here is where you put on the rubber gloves if you have real sensitive skin or may want to rub your eyes later when those beautiful chiles come out of the oven. Cut the tops off the jalapenos and set them in the Chile Grill. Do all of them. Then using an apple corer/parer carefully remove the seeds. If you do not want any surprises later, make sure you get them all.
Stuff Em! Now comes the fun part, actually this part starts at the store, stuff something in them! As you are wandering down the aisle in the store, let your imagination go wild with ideas of what to put in your little creations. Every thing from the plain; cheese, refried beans, cream cheese, sausage, to the more differenter; shrimp, crab, smoked oysters, pickled baby corns, somebody might even like peanut butter! Anyway, put a little salt in the peppers, stuff them with something and put a toothpick through them and set them back in the Chile Grill. The toothpick is important because even the biggest jalapeno will fall through when it gets done enough. Some people top them off with a quarter slice of bacon and the toothpick keeps it on. One thing about using the bacon is when it is done, the peppers are done.Cooking...Put the Chile Grill in your bbq pit or oven at about 350 degrees. If you cook them at a higher temp, it will boil out the stuffings with high water content. Takes about an hour if you want the peppers to lose all their heat - 30 to 45 min. if you want some kick. If you put the Chile Grill on your bbq pit be sure you have indirect heat or the bottoms will burn before the tops are done. and...ENJOY!
Large Pepper Seeder      Large Pepper Seeder
(Item #676929)

This large pepper seeder is great if you’re wanting to get the hottest of the heat out of a pepper, without the mess of cutting the pepper yourself. For people sensitive to peppers, this is your best choice to help avoid getting the heat on your hands or skin.
Cut the top of the pepper off and stick the Chile Twister in and spin to core out the pepper. It also cores and seeds: Jalapeno, Habanero, Yellow Wax, and Italian Hot Peppers, Roma and Cherry Tomatoes
Price:  US$9.99 
Large Pepper Seeder
Stainless Steel Jalapeno Rack w/ Corer      Stainless Steel Jalapeno Rack w/ Corer
(Item #676736)

Stainless steel 36 hole jalapeno rack with corer. For use with smokers, grills, or ovens.
Measures 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 1 4/5"
Price:  US$19.99 
Stainless Steel Jalapeno Rack w/ Corer
(Item #676745)

Holds your bell pepper, game bird, tomato, apple or onion. Will hold four of whatever you choose. Dishwasher safe and to use.
Price:  US$14.99 
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