Camp Fire Cooking Items

Porcelain 2qt Coffee Percolator      Porcelain 2qt Coffee Percolator
(Item #679000)

Blue porcelain coffe percolator holds two quarts of liquid. Fast cooking, easy cleaning, dishwasher safe and lasts a lifetime.


  • Do not heat without at least 1" of liquid
  • Do not use on glass cooktops
  • Do not drop on hard surfaces
  • Do not use mitts or pot holders
  • Price:  US$33.99 
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    Stainless Steel Tea Pot

         Stainless Steel Tea Pot
    (Item #644010)

    Heavy gauge stainless construction
    Convenient 4 cup capacity.
    Insulating plastic handles
    Includes stainless steel mesh basket for loose leaf and herbal teas
    Easy pour spout
    Price:  US$19.99 


    stainless steel tea pot

    Broiling Basket

         Broiling Basket
    (Item #645437)

    Chrome plated broiler basket is great for outdoor cooking. Great for hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, fish, toast, etc. Hinge design with locking ring keeps grill closed. Overall length 27". Long handle for safety. Grill surface: 9"x 8" 1/2
    Price:  US$7.99 


    Chrome Plate Cooking Broiler
    Grill Shaker     BBQ Grill Shaker
    (Item #670695)

    All purpose basket for shrimp, veggies or anything you want to put into it. Food won't slip through basket. Non-stick
    Price:  US$13.99 
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    Double Chicken Cooker

         Double Chicken Cooker
    (Item #644015)

    This unique little cooker makes the most tender and happiest chicken you have ever tasted.
    A 3/4 full can of your favorite beer keeps the chickens moist and smiling from wing to wing!
    Sprinkle with your favorite spices, place the chickens directly over the 3/4 full beverage can, and bake until golden brown. Works on any outdoor grill or in the oven.
    Easy to use and clean.
    Price:  US$14.99 


    Chicken Cooker Grill
    Burner Valve

    Propane Torch With 2 Extra Nozzles
    (Item #220519)

    Great for starting BBQ pits, fish fryers, etc. at a safe distance. Also great for melting ice, burning weeds, thawing pipes, etc. Runs on propane, has a 5ft hose with a 7" handle. Comes with 2 extra nozzels which measures 1", 1 3/8" and 2". It is color zinc plated.

    Price: US$39.99

    Double BBQ Chicken Cooker      Double BBQ Chicken Cooker
    (Item #670696)

    This BBQ chicken cooker can hold two chickens, four potatoes and four pieces of corn, or any other combination you can come up with.
    Price:  US$12.99 
    Double BBQ Chicken Cooker
    Round End Flex Spatula 10 x 2.8      Round End Flex Spatula
    (Item #629127)

    Long flexible spatula is perfect for flipping burgers.
    Spatula measures 10" x 2.8" and w/ handle is 11" long.
    Price:  US$7.99 
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    Round End Flex Spatula 14      Round End Flex Spatula
    (Item #629157)

    Long handled flexible spatula is good for the grill.
    Spatula measures 17.5" x 3" and with handle is 21" long.
    Price:  US$11.99 


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    Oversized Spatula 7.5      Oversized Spatula
    (Item #669913)

    Extra wide spatula is great for fish or any larger sized meat.
    Spatula measures 7.5" x 4" and w/ handle is 15" long. Easy to clean!
    Price:  US$10.99 
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    Barbeque Skewers

         Barbeque Skewers
    (Item #670950)

    Set of 4 15' skewers
    Easy to clean-Dishwasher Safe.
    Deluxe heavy duty chrome slated steel
    Price:  US$3.99 


    barbeque skewers

    Camp Stove Griddle

         Camp Stove Griddle
    (Item #645114)

    40.6 cms x 25.4 cms.
    Heavy-gauge aluminum
    Non-stick surface allows easy clean up
    Covers grate areat of 2-burner and 3-burner stoves
    Size: 16" long x 10" wide
    Price:  US$22.99 


    camp stove griddle
    cast iron roaster     9.5qt Cast Iron Roaster
    (Item #644981)

    Pre-seasoned. Use over charcoal while camping or hunting or use on the kitchen stove. Lid doubles as a deep fryer for fried chicken or donuts. Also smoke all your favorite foods.
    Price:  US$109.99 
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    Giant Skillet     20" Giant Skillet
    (Item #644987)

    Pre-seasoned versatile skillet. So many uses and cooks so much food all at once. Make your bacon, eggs and pancakes all at the same time.
    Price:  US$69.99 
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    BBQ Branding       BBQ Branding Irons
    (Item #639169)

    No more fighting about which one's YOUR STEAK! These brands will identify your steak without a doubt and make sure it's just-the-way-you-want-it! Inclues 3 brands (R)are - (M)edium - (W)ell
    Price:  US$24.99 
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    grate     BBQ Grill
    (Item #670694)

    For those little things that like to slip through the grate. Also good for grilling over the camp fire. Great for kabobs, shrimp, or any small food items.
    Price:  US$9.99 
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