Burners and Cookers for Outdoor Cooking

Burners for Outdoor Cooking

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burner for comals and woks      Tall burner with recessed top
(Item #662990)

Concave shape is perfect for different woks and comals. 54,000 BTU with 360 degree wind guard. Designed for outside use. We've been looking for one of these for a long time. No need to have to hold your wok level!
Price:  US$119.99 
King Kooker       King Kooker CS29 30-Inch Two-Burner Outdoor Cook Stove
(Item #663010)

Heavy Duty Portable Propane Double Burner Outdoor Cooker, 54,000 BTU Cast Burners, UL Listed LP Hose and Regulator with Type 1 Connection, Manifold and Needle Valves for Easy Flame Adjustment, Two Deep Fry Thermometers, Instruction/Recipe Booklet. CSA Design Certified.
* 2-burner outdoor propane cook stove
* Includes 2 high pressure 54,000-Btu burners
* 392 inches of cooking area; CSA design certified
* Needle valves for individual burner control; snap on legs for easy storage
* Also includes hose, regulator, connector; measures 28 by 14 by 30 inches (width by depth by height) .
Price:  US$169.99 
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Dual Burner Cast Iron Stove      Dual Burner Outdoor Range Stove
(Item #612026)

Complete your outdoor kitchen with this all purpose heavy duty 2-burner range stove. Comes with hose amd regulator, easy to light. Use for griddle, stir fry steam, boil, grill and deep fry. Easy to set up and transport. Some assembly required.
Price:  US$129.99 
Dual Burner Cast Iron Stove
Three Burner Cast Iron Stove      High Pressure Cast Iron Burner
(Item #663040)

Going camping? Having a big BBQ party or fish fry? Going through a hurricane or a big storm? This three burner high pressure cast iron burner is perfect for outdoor cooking, tailgating, camping, fishing, emergency preparedness, etc. Has up to 300,000 BTU
Price:  US$199.99 
Three Burner Cast Iron Stove
Outdoor cooker
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     Heavy Duty Outdoor Cooker
(Item #629675)

Extremely Heavy Duty Cooker with large 10" High Pressure 195,000 btu burner
Will easily hold the heaviest stock pot.
16" wide x 16" deep x 14" tall
Includes regularor and hose
Price:  US$169.99 
Gas burners
Single Burner
Single Burner
     10" Single Burner-Adjustable
(Item #629686)

  • Material: Metal Frame w/ Cast Iron Burner
  • Output: 200,000 BTU
  • Weight: 24 lb
  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 15.75 x 28.5 in
  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Regulator Type: 0-20 PSI High Pressure Regulator
  • Price:  US$139.99 

    Burner Stand

         Burner Stand
    (Item #663005)

    Includes High pressure burner and regulator. Burner stand fits the 5 gallon round cookpots (Item #645332 & #645140) and 10 gal pot (#645250) and others. 17.5 inches tall. Can produce up to 170,000 B.T.U's.
    Price:  US$119.99 


    divider between burner stand for 5 gallon
    High Pressure Round Burner With Curved legs      High Pressure Round Burner with Curved Legs
    (Item #663041)

    This high pressure jet burner has been designed for the serious outdoor enthusiast who wants the performance of a high powered appliance to guarrantee quick heating and cooking using the largest of pots and pans. the heavy duty frame is constructed from cold rolled steel for extra strength which is then welded to provide a strong and stable cooking surface for the largest of heavy duty stainless steel, aluminium or cast iron pots and pans.
    Has up to 80,000 BTU
    High Pressure Cooker & Burner
    14" Diameter cooking surface
    20 PSI High Pressure Regulator with hose included.
    Price:  US$89.99 
    High Pressure Round Burner with Curved Legs
    High Pressure Cast Iron Burner      High Pressure Cast Iron Burner
    (Item #663042)

    Made of Cast Iron. Use for that next fish fry or even to boil shrimp. Make a big pot of Jamblaya, stew or chilli. Or if you ever are without power due to a bad storm you can cook your meals with ease.
    Comes with 10" cast iron Burner
    Has up to 80,000 BTU
    16" Diameter Cooking Surface
    20 PSI High Pressure Regulator with Hose Included.
    Price:  US$119.99 
    High Pressure Cast Iron Burner
    Texas Wok with Burner       Texas Wok with Burner
    (Item #601001)

    Includes High Pressure Burner/Stand and Texas Wok. Burner Stand is 17.5" tall and can fit most 5gal. to 10 gal. cookpots, plus more. Includes regulator.

    Wok fits right on burner for lots of heat. Works Great!
    Price:  US$265.99 
    divider between Texas Wok

    Wok Package w/ Multi-Purpose Portable Propane Cooker

         Wok Package w/ Multi-Purpose Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker
    (Item #645474)
    *24" Bolt together cooker with special recessed Wok
    *18" Steel Wok
    *Wooden Cooking Utensils
    *High Pressure 54,000 BTU Cast Iron Burner
    *Listed LP Hose and Regulator with Type 1 Connection
    *Cooking Thermometer
    *Instruction/Recipe Booklet
    Price:  US$119.99 


    Wok Package w/Multi Purpose Portable Propane Burner
    Burner Valve      Propane Torch With 2 Extra Nozzles
    (Item #220519)

    Great for starting BBQ pits, fish fryers, etc. at a safe distance. Also great for melting ice, burning weeds, thawing pipes, etc. Runs on propane, has a 5ft hose with a 7" handle. Comes with 2 extra nozzels which measures 1", 1 3/8" and 2". It is color zinc plated.
    Price:  US$39.99 
    Burner Valve
    grill gauge
    grill gauge
          Grill Gauge
    (Item #670597)

    Never have to guess how much propane is left again! No more embarrassing "We're out of gas!" situations. Just hook onto your 20 lb. propane bottle and lift. The gauge will tell you how much propane is left. No need to unhook the hoses either!
    You need this!
    Price:  US$19.99 
    cooking products
    Smart burner high pressure     Smart Gas Burner
    (Item #645541)

    This is a extra large cast iron burner with windshield and dual control, one for the inner ring and one for the outer ring. Outer ring of the burner is about 8.5" in diameter and the smaller ring is 4" diameter. Comes with high pressure regulator and hose! For your heavy duty large pots!!!
    Price:  US$119.99 
    divider between Burner!
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