Sporty Crab Trap Information

sporty crab traps

How to Use the Sporty Crab Trap

*Attach line with a swivel to the trap with a reliable knot.
*Open and close trap by holding the hinge rod and pulling up on the draw line.
*Open the bait holder and slide your squid or chicken down shaft and lock securely.
*Cast normally and let the trap sink to the bottom. The Crabs will start eating your bait right-away.
*Your rod tip will show the eating action from the crabs. NO NEED TO YANK your rod. Just retrieve it and the crab will be caught. Keep steady pressure on your rod and land your catch.
*Fix the bait and cast again. Take the whole family. It's FUN!! Remember ONLY take legal sized crabs.
*Happy Crabbing!!

Sporty Crab Traps

Crab Cooking Tips

*Keep your crabs alive until they are ready to cook.
*Place them in boiling water with a dash of cayenne pepper for 20 minutes.
*Submerge in cold water to stop the cooking action.
*Remove shell and rinse off innards.

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Sporty Crab Traps

Sporty Crab Trap
(Item #840902)

*Just attach a swivel to the trap, open the trap, insert bait and cast!
*Trap measures 20" x 15"

Price:  US$14.99  
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Large Sporty Crab Traps

     Large Sporty Crab Traps      
(Item #840903)

*Just attach a swivel to the trap, open the trap, insert bait and cast!
*Trap measures 24" x 18"

Price:  US$24.99 


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