Fishing Gadgets, Dip Nets, Fish & Frog Gaffs, Canoe loaders

Fishing Gadgets

Fish Scaler     Fish Scaler
(Item #810114)

This scaler cleanses scales off of fish with ease. Includes a rubberized handle for easy grip. Metal teeth will last for many uses! Perfect for your fish scaling priorities.
Price:  US$4.29 


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Crab Tong     Crab Tong
(Item #810111)

Safely and easily removes crabs from traps or after cooking. This enamel finish design prevents pinching and resists corrosion. Makes dealing with crabs a lot easier!
Price:  US$7.99 


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Fish & Frog Spear     Fish & Frog Spear
(Item #810009)

Hand-forged spears with needle sharp points. Premium Grade frog gigging and fish spearing equipment.
Price:  US$3.99 


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Canoe LoaderCanoe Loader
(Item #806009)

An easy-to-use, universal one-man canoe loader that lets you load a canoe onto any automobile from a compact car to large SUV in 5 minutes or less!

  • One-person operation
  • Allows for easy loading or unloading on any car or suv in less than 5 minutes
  • Easy to assemble, mount, and transport any canoe
  • Quickly mount to your existing receiver hitch
  • Can be used while towing a trailer
  • Constructed of heavy duty steel
  • Weather resistant finish
  • Price:  US$59.99 


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    Skinning pliers      Skinning Pliers
    (Item #810109)

    It takes a pair of wide-nose, strong-gripping pliers to skin a catfish. Ergonomic and comfortable handles. Both freshwater and saltwater compatible. The chrome finish makes for easy cleanup and resists rust for years of use.
    Price:  US$9.99 


    Skinning pliers!
    Frog Spear      3- Prong Frog Spear
    (Item #846189)

    Frog Spears for nighttime frog gigging or your survival pack. Bullfrog legs... deee-licious! They're a Southern specialty, and they're a lot of fun to spear. Here's the most important part of the equation... all-metal Frog Spears with barbed prongs. Makes a great addition to your survival pack, too! Each is pre-drilled to accept a stick or pole, screw and nut included.
    Price:  US$3.69 


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