Tomahawk Deer Feeders

Ontime Tomahawk Deer Feeders provide an innovative and inexpensive way to attract deer. These Deer Feeders come in several configurations. The Tomahawk Solar Deer Feeder offers an inexpensive way to have it all! Digital timing and a solar charger to make sure those bucks receive dependable, reliable feed to keep them at home

We also sell the Lifetime Ontime Deer Feeders

Buy 5 or more - Pay only $ 119.99 each!
Complete On-Time Wildlife Feeder WOW!
OnTime 25 gal. Barrel, Tomahawk Timer, Legs ---everything you need to attract deer or other wild animals --- Uses Tomahawk VL Timer which operates up to  1 year or longer on 6 or 12 volt battery--Uses digital timer that can feed up to 4 times per day and up to 20 seconds per feeding.  Easy to set.   Pre-wired for solar panel and/or remote control. Has new Aerodynamic spinplate which reduces power consumption by 30%.  5 year warranty for defective workmanship or parts.  (Item #814431)
Price:  US$139.99  


divider between Wildlife Feeder COMPLETE ON-TIME WILDLIFE FEEDER  ONLY $119.99
Buy 2 or more - Pay only $ 109.99 each!
Tomahawk w/150 lb. Hanger


Tomahawk w/150 lb. Hanging Barrel
(Item # 814433)

Uses 1 lantern battery that lasts up to 12 months on 2 feedings a day.  Has digital 24 hour clock that feeds up to 20 seconds per feeding. Feeds up to 4 times per day .  Inexpensive way to set up a feeder. Find a limb, sling over a rope and pull up the feeder. You'll be drawing deer in no time!  Feeds 75 days at two feedings a day on only one filling.
Price:  US$119.99  
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 Tomahawk Digital Wildlife feeder      Digital Tomahawk Wildlife Feeder
(Item #814428)

Programmable Digital Timer That's Easy as 1-2-3. Customize from 1 to 4 Feedings Per Day. Waterproof High Impact Composite Construction. Broadcasts up to 50 feet. Built-in Test Button. Universal Mounting. Heavy Duty Motor. 6 or 12 Volt Operation. Engineered for Maximum Battery Life. Can be Upgraded with Solar Panel. Works with Optional Remote Control.
Price:  US$59.99  
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Tomahawk Solar-30 Gallon Tripod Deer Feeder       Tomhawk Solar-30 Gallon Tripod Deer Feeder
(Item #811157)

The most reasonable solar powered complete deer feeder available (Rechargable battery not included - see elsewhere on this page)
Price:  US$189.99 
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deer feeder
deer feeder

     Tomahawk Solar Deer Feeder     (Item #811151)
This Superior Deer feeder has all of the great features of the reliable Tomahawk feeder with the added benefit of a solar panel. Use with rechargeable 6-volt battery (not included). No exposed wires to worry with so simply fill and forget. Dependably feed your deer without loosing battery power. Feeds deer every day after day. This year corn feeders for deer are more important than the past several years because there is a limited acorn crop. Corn will bring the deer in!
Price:  US$79.99 


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deer feeder

     Tomahawk Digital Deer Feeder     (Item #811002)
Tomahawk Digital Deer Feeder - User-friendly digital system gives you complete control of feeding that big buck. Designed to use either 6-volt or a small 12-volt battery (not included). Feeder is capable of up to 4 feedings a day from 1-20 seconds. High-torque motor and composite construction are designed to give you years of trouble free service for deer feeding.
Price:  US$119.99 




Tomahawk Ultra Hunt Deer Feeder       Tomahawk Ultra Hunt Deer Feeder
(Item #811150)

New Tomahawk Ultra Hunt Deer Feeder is the most versatile deer feeder on the market with all the features you can imagine. This unit can function as a dawn-dusk deer feeder with an easy adjustment for the amount of sunlight needed to activate. The Unique Hunt Mode can supply continual short feedings to your deer throughout the day with up to 20 feedings during daylight hours. Optional control key gives you complete control of up to 4 feedings a day for 1-20 seconds per feeding. This is the true do it all deer feeder at an affordable price.
Price:  US$49.99 
deer Feeder
Aluminum Deer Feeder Funnel      Aluminum Deer Feeder Funnel
(Item #811141)

Replacement aluminum funnel. Replaces most lifetime deer and fish feeder funnels.
Price:  US$24.99  


divider between Aluminum Deer Feeder Funnel
deer feeder battery       Deer Feeder Battery
(Item #820024)

6V/4.5 AMP 2.75" X 1.8" X 4.15"H
Price:  US$17.99 
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key for deer feeder

     Deer Feeder Digital Control Key      (Item #811152)
Control key gives you complete control of up to 4 feedings a day for 1-20 seconds per feeding on the Tomahawk Ultra Hunt. You only need one key for as many feeders as you need. Keeps your hunters from messing with the timing!
Price:  US$23.99 


Deer Feeder key

Buy 2 - Pay only $ 129.99 each!

Tomahawk Ultra Hunt-30 Gallon Tripod Deer Feeder WOW!
Tomahawk Ultra Hunt-30 Gallon Tripod Deer Feeder
(Item #811153)

The tripod leg system makes it very sturdy for service to all types of wildlife. It is great for any feeding environment large or small. Economical enough to put up several deer feeders.
Price:  US$149.99 
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divider between Feeder
Tomahawk Ultra 5 Gallon Hanging Deer feeder      
Tomahawk Ultra 5 Gallon Hanging Deer Feeder
(Item #850300)

This Tomahawk feeds deer morning and night or can be set to feed a small amount every 30 minutes during daylight hours.
Great for making sure all deer get something to eat and want to stay around.
Perfect for deer hunting or for nature watching!

Price:  US$89.99 
divider between Tomahawk Ultra 5 Gallon Hanging Feeder
Solar Panel for Tomahawk       Solar Panel for Tomahawk Feeders
(Item # 814429)

Mounts on back side of Tomahawk Feeders and connects through access hole in back of Tomahawk VL Feeder motors
Price:  US$29.99  
divider between Wildlife Feeder solar panel
A great battery for the above deer feeders
A solar charger for the above deer feeders
Wildlife Feeder

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