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doall auto trap
doall auto trap
doall auto trap
doall auto trap
AERIAL ASSAULT AUTO TRAP      (Item #855210)

Style #AA777

Ultra Smooth and efficient

Foot Pedal Release

All cord lengths adjustable

50 Target auto feeder

Leg Base and Pivot Adapter included

Powered by 12volt marine battery (not included)

No Additional Accessories Needed

Consistent 100 Yard Range

The Aerial Assault Automatic Trap - The first Professional Quality Retail Auto Trap on the market

     Do-All Outdoors announces the release of the Aerial Assault Auto Trap. This heavy-duty auto trap will provide hours of enjoyment for the whole family or a solo shooter. At last, an automatic trap at a retail price. In today's market it is almost impossible to find an auto trap that comes fully loaded, no accessories needed, until now. The Aerial Assault comes complete with everything a consumer needs.

     With heavy-duty, powder coated steel construction this trap is built to last. A strong steel leg base and pivot adapter come stock on the trap. This leg base guarantees a sturdy, smooth release of every target, and the pivot adapter allows the shooter to adjust the height of the target. Powered by a 12 volt marine battery, the trap will run for up to twenty-four hours. It is lightweight and portable with a removable magazine.

     The Aerial Assault has a fifty-target auto feeder that delivers the targets directly to the throwing arm. The tray is made of lexan, which offers strength and preventing the tray from getting bent or deformed. This makes sure that every target release is smooth and stable. The motor is quiet, durable, and puts out a 2-3 second cycle time. The Aerial Assault throws an incredible 80 to 100 yards consistently. It assembles in minutes and comes with instructional DVD.

     The Aerial Assault has so many innovative features, one being the adjustable foot pedal release. Do-All Outdoors does not feel the need for our customers to buy one accessory after another just to make the product work. The solution we created was to break the foot pedal into two parts, one five foot cord off the back of the trap, and one twenty foot cord off the foot pedal. On the trap cord is a female, three prong plug, and the pedal cord is a male, three prong plug. This allows the customer to add as many extension cords in the middle as they would like. So out of the box there is a twenty-five-foot cord with and endless amount of extension. The Aerial Assault offers the complete package for one retail price.
Price:  US$499.95 


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