Reversing timer instructions

Reverse timers Instructions
Hydraulic Reverse Timer Kit
     Reverse Timer Kit for Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer
(Item #699444)

Reverse adjustable timer kit for 30 lb., 50 lb. and 70 lb stuffers. Are you tired of the meat continuing to run out of the nozzle on your SF150, SF260 & SF350 hydraulic sausage stuffers? We have designed a kit to solve that problem. This timer will reverse the piston for a measured period of time so that the meat will no longer come out after you release the knee switch. Your stuffer will now work similar to the Proprocessor Hydraulic stuffers that already have that feature! Yea!

Price:  US$149.99 
Hydraulic Socket Reverse Timer

To convert from one type of relay socket to another.

Relay ScoketTake note of the orange tab on the socket.
If there are 2 wires under screw #8, move them to screw #12 and move the single wire from screw #12 to screw #8. Also, move the 2 wires under screw # 5 to screw # 9 and move the single wire under screw #9 to screw #5.
For the reverse to work, screws #1 & #4 should have 110 volts when the relay is in place and the machine turned on and the knee switch not pressed. When the knee switch is pressed, screws #1 & #4 go to zero voltage and the timer is activated when the knee switch is released.

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