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Catfish Call Fish Attractant      Fish Attractant Catfish Call
(Item #820170)

Fishermen help bring the fish to you with Catfish Call!
Catfish Call is easy to use! Simply leave Catfish Call in the burlap bag (in the bag it will last two or three days depending on conditions), string a rope through the eyelet at the top right corner of the sack, drop into your favorite fishing hole, then start fishing. Works instantly! When finished simply dispose properly with no mess to clean. Weekend size 3 lb. bag. Formulated specifically to attract catfish.


Price:  US$12.99 

Catfish Call Fish Attractant
Fish Chum Ready to Use!      Fish Chum Magic Bait
(Item #848206)

Commercial fishermen have used this method for centuries. When fish are feeding Dinner Bell Fish Chum works quickly to attract fish. If fishing is slow the chum can entice fish to start feeding. In either case we are sure using Magic Bait will add to your fishing pleasure! Attracts catfish, baitfish and panfish. 2 lbs.

Price:  US$10.99 
Catfish Call Fish Attractant
Chum Bag     Fish Chum Dock'n Pier Bag
(Item #840922)

Dock'n Pier Bag is a time release bag of fish attractants that will last for weeks. Simply hang the bag off your dock, pier or favorite fishing hole. To increase your fishing success, avoid heavy boating areas or strong currents. Attracts all types of fish. 2.5 lbs.

Price:  US$11.99 


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