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Game For All Seasons Cookbook

     Game For All Seasons Cookbook
(Item #980246)

This book has 300 recipes for venison, fish, fowl and other delicacies from field and water so you can prepare delicious dishes from your bounty. There are stories and memoirs of hunting and fishing from the writer as a young boy to his adulthood.
Price:  US$16.95 


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What's for dinner...Deer?

     What's for dinner...Deer?
(Item #633013)

This video is Great!! It takes us bow hunting and helps to show the recommended shots on the deer that leave the best meat. Then we go to a silhouette of a deer and Matt shows us all the regular cuts on a deer (or other animal) and suggested ways to prepare that cut. (This is the most helpful part of the video) Then Matt shows how to prepare 3 different hindquarter cuts in three different ways. This is a great video even for the experienced hunter.

Price:  US$19.99 



Preparing Fish & Wild Game

     Preparing Fish & Wild Game
(Item #980210)

A complete guide for demonstrating how to fillet, skin, dress and clean all types of popular fish and wild game. Choose from over 200 pages of recipes, complete with nutritional information for each one. This book is loaded with great photos and illustrations that inspire you and guide you to the perfect meal.
Price:  US$29.95 


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Quality Venison Cookbook

     Quality Venison
(Item #980138)

Learn how to care, cook, and preserve your venison with this 142 page cookbook. A few hunting tales are even included in the back.

Price:  US$14.95 


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Quality Venison II

     Quality Venison II by: Steve and Gale Loder
(Item #980139)

An all new version of Quality Venison with all new recipes and deer tales

Price:  US$14.95 


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98 Ways to Cook Venison

     98 Ways to Cook Venison
(Item #980040)

Along with many wonderful venison recipes, this cookbook includes everything you need to know about caring for your meat.

Price:  US$12.99 


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wild game cookbook

     Dressing & Cooking Wild Game
(Item #980209)

Compared to domestic meat, wild game is richer in flavor and lower in fat and calories. This book, Dressing & Cooking Wild Game, is the complete guide to field dressing and preparing great-tasting big game, small game, upland birds and waterfowl. With over 370 color photographs, step-by-step directions, and valuable nutritional information, this book teaches you how to make your wild game dishes as memorable as the hunts that made them possible.

Price:  US21.95 


wild game

Venison Cookery

     Venison Cookery
(Item #980136)

If you hunt deer, or know someone who does, you'll love this book! This beautiful hardcover, full-color cookbook contains over 140 recipes...just for venison!
Price:  US$21.95 


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