Inside View of ProProcessor Vacuum Machine

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This is a view of the working parts for the ProProcessor 646701 Vacuum Chamber Sealer.

The 646602 will be similar.

The most noticible is the large motor and vacuum pump on the lower shelf. This is NO toy. It can pull a vacuum in the chamber in only 18 seconds. The durablility is excellent! We hardly have requests for replacement pumps and motors, even for units working hard for 8 and 10 years! (The only replacements that we do sell are for destroyed units that someone tried to run 220 units on 110 volts! DON'T DO IT!!!)
The most noticible item on the second shelf is the Control Valve right in the middle in front.
Behind it to the right is a large transformer that sends current to the Sealer bars. In the center, is the contactor that turns on the vacuum pump and to the left is the transformer that sends current to the Printed curcuit board that controls the unit.
On the left wall is the circuit breaker for the unit.
Not all that complicated when you examine the parts. If you need to fix something, we can handle it over the phone!
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