Using a Gill Net



     When I use my flag-style gill net, I find it convenient to drive a 3 ft. piece of pipe in the pond bank at the high water mark on opposite sides of the area I want to fish. I leave about 1.5 ft. sticking out. Then I tie a piece of nylon twine to one pipe and walk the other end around and tie it to the other pipe. Now, whenever I want to fish, I untie the nylon string from one pipe and tie one end of the gill net to it. Then, I tie the other end of the gill net to the pipe. Next, I walk around to the other pipe and pull the net to me until the line is taut. The net is now set. You may want to feed next to it or just return later.
      As fish are somewhat territorial, you may want to change the lengths of string on the back side of the gill net so that you can fish closer to and farther from that side of the pond. After you have caught several fish at this location, you may want to move the pipes. If you are not catching fish well, you may want to try during the times the water is murky from rainfall. (They won't be able to see the net as well.) Another way to disguise the net is to dye it. If all else fails, we have monofilament nets available at an extra cost. The monofilament is a little stiffer, so it may not catch as well but, on the other hand, more fish should hit it because they won't be able to see it.
     You may find it convenient to store the gill net in a small plastic bucket with smooth edges and holes perforated in the bottom. When you pull in the net, you can let it fall into the bottom of the bucket, untie (a snap swivel works well here) it and take it and your fish home.

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