Survival Gear

Survival Gear page is for everything you might need in the wilderness. We are going to bring everything together that you might need such as, gill nets, meat grinders, lanterns/flash lights, knives, traps of any kinds. We are also adding hyper links so you can go to the page so you can look at the other items that involve the ones that are listed.
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Fish and Bait Hoop Net
Fish and Bait Hoop Net
(Item #840905)

Fish and Bait Trap. A great dual purpose trap for catching fish or bait. Reasonably priced. Dimensions 42"x16" for small ponds and for smaller fish! Similar to 810014 but has 1" mesh so bait fish won't escape if that's what you are trying to catch. Just tie on the bait bag (found below) and tie on a line and toss into the pond. Note: Our traps are coated with NetCoat (hence the color). Beware of traps that are not. The U/V rays will destroy the nylon!

Made with 1"- #15 Nylon and is very durable!

Price:  US$119.99 


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     Gill Net with #139 Twine 1.5" Mesh x 6' Deep x 50' Long
(Item #810016)

Price:  US$49.99 
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LED Flashlight      LED Flashlight
(Item #370571)

Model CHILM0061.
This multi-purpose flashlight has 13 bright LED bulbs that light your path. Easy On/Off Switch. Built in carrying handle. Continuous illumination for approximatley 100 hours of life. Use at home as the "just in case" flashlight, carry it in your car in case of emergency or take it camping, fishing or hiking. Uses 4 "D" Batteries. (Not Included)
Price:  US$12.99 


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30-Bulb LED Lantern      30-Bulb LED Lantern
(Item #610522)

Features LED bulbs, compass and handle. Requires 4 D batteries (not included).
Measures 5-7/8" x 9-3/8" x 5-7/8".
Price:  US$10.99 
30-Bulb LED Lantern
LED Mini Camping Lantern      LED Mini Camping Lantern
(Item #906008)

Lightweight, bright, and cleverly-designed, this lantern adds a cool secondary light source as backup to a headlamp and/or campfire. Recommended for backpackers who enjoy a supplementary light to give a dark campsite more illuminated texture. 5" Tall without handle.
Price:  US$4.99 
LED Mini Camping Lantern
 Camouflage Rechargeable Spotlight

 Camouflage Rechargeable Spotlight
     Rechargeable Spotlight
(Item #300091)

This cordless spotlight gives a 1,000,000 candle power beam.
  • Momentary trigger switch with lock.
  • Charge with car battery or wall charger.
  • 12V DC and 120V AC chargers included.
    Price:  US$16.99 
    Camouflage (Item#300091)
    Black (Item#300092)

  • Rechargeable Spotlight

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    16 LED Hurricane Lantern      16 LED Hurricane Lantern
    (Item #680151)

    Indoor or Outdoor 16 LED Hurricane Lantern. Durable and weather resistant. Steel body, enhanced dimmer switch, 16 super bright LED's to light your way. Enjoy safe and convenient light during an emergency with no bulbs to change. Folding and versatile carrying handle that can be used as a hanging hook.
    Uses 2 "D" batteries. (Not Included)
    Price:  US$9.99 
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    Skinning Knife w/ Sheath
         Skinning Knife w/ Seath
    (Item #817235)

    440 stainless
  • Overall Size 7"
  • Handle Size 3.5"
  • Blade Size 3.5"
  • Blade Thickness 1/8"
    Price:  US$24.99  
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    Pocket-Knife      Cheetah with 3 Blades
    (Item #817062)

    Price:  US$19.99 
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    Diamond Sharpener Coarse Grit

          Diamond Sharpener Coarse Grit.      
    (Item #817204)

    9 1/2" open, 5" Closed
  • Includes a mild grove great for sharpening hooks.
  • Also good to use on is scissors, knives, garden tools, and specialty tools.
  • Sharpens in half the time of others.
  • No oils required, just use dry or with water.
  • Durable contruction to help you sharpen whatever you need for years.
    Price:  US$25.99  


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    #1 Coil Spring Trap      #1 Coil Spring Trap
    (Item #840061)

    Great to use on the small pests such as minks or muskrat.
    Get 12 for only $107.89
    Price:  US$9.99 
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    #1 1/2 Coil Spring Jaw Trap     
    #1 1/2 Coil Spring Jaw Trap
    (Item #841003)

    A very handy trap for medium sized varmints like larger raccoons, bobcats and nutria.
    Get 12 for only $107.89
    Price:  US$9.99 


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    #1 3/4 Coil Spring Jaw Trap     #1 3/4 Coil Spring Jaw Trap
    (Item #840000)

    A very handy trap for larger varmints like larger raccoons, bobcats, beaver and nutria.
    Get 12 for only $129.49
    Price:  US$11.99 


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