Why use a Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Commercial Vacuum Sealers

Looking for a way to cut costs and eat right? A commercial vacuum sealer just may be your answer.
It is very easy to cut costs when you buy products in bulk.
You can purchase a better quality of product as the vacuum sealer will keep it fresh and there will not be any loss.
A better qaulity of product could mean it is better for you, such as the example of meat as it has less fat.
There are important features such as saving foods from spoiling.
When you take all the oxygen away from a product it can last 3-5 times longer.
Food products last much longer when using a commercial vacuum sealer because the product is protected from the elements which cause freezer burn, so your product will last much longer.
Another great reason to use a vacuum sealer is that it locks in nutrients and flavor as well as presentation.
When you use a vacuum sealer you are protecting the product, which locks in flavor and nutrients, and you can even cook the food right in the bag.
Choosing the right vacuum sealer is the key to your production.
Deciding wich commercial vacuum sealer you need will depend upon the product you need to package as well as the size of that product.
If you are packaging fragile products, say for instance potato chips, then you will need a gas capable machine. A gas capable machine will take all the oxygen out of the bag and replace it with a gas such as nitrogen. This will allow the product to stay fresh but not be crushed.
If you are not packaging a fragile product then a commercial vacuum sealer without gas capabilities is fine.
With all of the different features of vacuum sealers, it is important that you know what features you need so that you can choose which commercial vacuum sealer is right for you.
Some commercial vacuum sealers have a double chamber, others have a single chamber.
If you have a large quantity to package or more than one operator, then a double chamber will work well for you.
While one package is sealing the second person can refill the other side of the machine making it ready to seal the second package.
There are table-top commercial vacuum sealers and floor model commercial vacuum sealers.
The size of machine you need depends upon the space you have, how many people you have operating it and how much of a product you need to package.
For whatever reason you need a commercial vacuum sealer it will be a great investment. And with the prices of commercial vacuum sealers these days being so reasonable, (our commercial vacuum sealing machines are 1/3 to 1/4 the price of others) what do you have to lose?
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