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Cattle Supplies

Blitz-Kerner Captive Bolt Stunner      Blitz-Kerner Captive Bolt Stunner
(Item #600716)

The Blitz-Kerner Captive Bolt Stunner is an affordable and safe solution for humanely euthanizing of animals. This German made instrument uses powerful 9mm cartridges to deliver a dependable and effective shot.
  • Chrome steel finish
  • Knurled handle for better grip
  • Fewer parts than competitive brands
  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 13
  • Bolt penetrates 2.25
  • Price:  US$499.99 
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Schermer KR Stunner Standard Bolt      Schermer KR Stunner Standard Bolt
(Item #600715)

This is the most powerful powder activated bolt stunner available. Simply turn the head 1/4 turn, insert a cartridge, close, pull back the top of stunner to cock it, then depress trigger to fire.
Price:  US$1099.99 
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Hog Rings      Calf Bucket
(Item #794913)

Feed calves with this bucket, valve and nipple.
Price:  US$24.99 
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Hog Rings      Calf Pail Nipple
(Item #795073)

Replace the nipple on the calf pail.
Price:  US$5.69 
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Hog Rings      Calf Bucket Valve
(Item #795113)

Replace the valve on the calf pail. Fits above nipple.
Price:  US$5.99 
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 Calf Weaner       Calf Weaner
(Item #795111

It cures the sucking habit humanely and safely. Bright zinc plated material. It cures the sucking habit humanely and safely. It prevents irritation of nasal septum. Plastic balls are threaded on and very smooth. Guard swings free allowing animal to eat and drink freely, yet prevents sucking. Nose piece is adjustable to nose separation of the animal, locked in place by tightening wing nut to stay tight. No edges or sharp prongs. Calf size.
Price:  US$3.29 
 Calf Weaner
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