Cajun Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware

     Crawfish Boiling Bag 2'x3'
(Item #646106)

Price:  US$9.99 


Cast Iron Cookware
Crawfish Boil Seasoning      Crawfish Boil Seasoning
(Item #632179)

This 5lb box will do a 40lb. bag of crawfish with enough left over to sprinkle over top of cooked crawfish. Seasoning contains: salt, maitodextrin, spices, dehydrated garlic & onion, monosodium glutamate, extractice of red pepper & natural flavoring.
For "Spicy" flavor use 1 lb. of seasoning to 10 lbs. of crawfish or 15 lb. of shrimp or 2 dozen crabs.

Price:  US$24.99 


Cajun Crawfish Seasoning

corn boiling bag

     Corn Boiling Bag 12"x 18"
(Item #646107)

**Contains one bag**
Price:  US$5.99 


cajun cooking
Gumbo Seasoning              Gumbo Seasoning      Gumbo Seasoning
(Item #632078)

This package of Gumbo Seasoning contains: salt, dehydrated onion, flavorings, dehydrated parsley, bell pepper, & garlic. Use this 3oz package for 5lb. of mixed seafood, add more seasoning for spicer flavor.
Price:  US$4.99 
Gumbo Seasoning
Crab Tongs      Crab Tongs
(Item #810107)

These crab tongs are perfect for getting the crabs out of the pot!!
Price:  US$8.99 


divider between Crab Tongs

Cast Iron Cookware

     18" Roux Spoon      
(Item #646100)

This 18 inch Stainless Steel Roux Spoon is a great tool to help you thicken those stews, jambalayas, and etoufees. Flat edge to help scrap the bottom of your pot.
Price:  US$9.99 


Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware

     18" Perforated Roux Spoon      
(Item #646101)

Serving Spoon is great for working the pan surface or handing out adequate sized servings on buffet or serving lines of many menu items.
Price:  US$9.99 


Cast Iron Cookware

7" Wire Mesh Skimmer
(Item #600289)

Great tool for scooping up fried foods or straining your grease.

Price: US$13.99


9in Wire Mesh Skimmer

9" Wire Mesh Skimmer
(Item #600365)

Great for pulling food out of the fryer or straining grease.

Price: US$12.99


16      16 Qt Alum Stockpot
(Item #645098)

Use this Alum Stockpot to Steam Tamales and or Seafood. This 16-qt steamer also includes a perforated metal divider insert that sits at the bottom to keep food out of the water. This rack can be used for steaming vegetables, tamales and a variety of seafood such as crabs, crab legs, lobster, shrimp and mussels.
Price:  US$25.99 
Chef Hat

22 Qt. Stockpot

     22 Qt. Stainless Steel Stockpot
(Item #645301)

22 quart heavy duty stainless steel construction with stainless steel lid and heavy duty punched Stainless Steel basket. Heavy duty stainless steel construction for optimal durability.
Price:  US$79.99 


Kink Kooker

8" Stainless Steel Strainer
(Item #600366)

For straining grease or pulling food out of the fryer.

Price: US$11.99


10 in. Strainer

10" Stainless Steel Strainer
(Item #600367)

Good for straining grease or pulling fried foods out of the fryer.

Price: US$19.99


Stainless Steel Fry Pot

     10 Qt. Stainless Steel Fry Pot      
(Item #691140)

Perfect for indoor or outdoor cooking.
Includes: Stainless Steel 10 Qt. Fry Pot
Perforated Fry Basket
Notched Lid
Stainless Steel Thermometer
Price:  US$59.99 


Stainless Steel Fry Pot


8 qt.Cast Iron Oval Crawfish Pot w/lid
(Item # 645482)
This cast iron fish fryer and casserole pot measures 16. 5 inches long x 8. 75 inch wide x 3. 75 inches deep on the inside. A fun raised crawfish motif is displayed on the lid. Although there is a flat griddle on the underside of the lid, the crawfish does not allow it to lay flat on a stovetop. Pre-Seasoned to perfection and ready for use. Cast iron makes for superior heat retention and even heating of foods. Heavy-Duty and durable, designed to last for years. Hand wash with stiff brush and hot water. 9"w x 17"h

Price:  US$99.99 


cast iron
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