Turtle Tunnel Instructions

Turtle Tunnel
Turtle Trap

     This turtle trap is designed to make catching softshell and snapping turtles easier. All you need to do is open the drawstring at the back of the trap and tie your bait closely to the line that runs from the funnel to the cross string at the back of the trap. (A bait bag works well here!) Don't allow the bait to get too close to the side or the turtles will eat the bait from the outside of the trap and maybe make a hole in the side of the trap.

      You can use chicken necks or fish to bait your trap. Chicken necks are tough and the small fish can't clean them off as easily as other baits.

     Tie strings to the funnel end and the drawstring end of the trap and use them to position the trap in the vicinity of the majority of snapping turtle traffic. (Turtles must sense the bait in order to be tempted to enter the trap.)

      You will want to check your trap regularly and remove the turtles when too many get into it. They will stay alive because there is an air pocket at the top of the trap so be careful handling them, THEY BITE!

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