Sundeck Turtle Trap Instructions

Turtle Trap

      There is a small bit of assembly to be done on your new SUNDECK Turtle Trap. You will notice the side ramps on each of the narrower sides of your trap. They are hinged at the top. You can swing them out on each side until the ramps make a 45 degree angle with the side of the main box. Crimp the side of the ramp to the box with the small aluminum clips using the crimping pliers that we have enclosed for your convenience. You should probably use about 4 clips in each corner for stability. You will need to do this on all four corners of the trap. When you are finished, the ramps should protrude from the sides of the trap at an easy to climb angle.

      You can use leftover luncheon meat or scraps to bait your trap. Simply place those in the bait tower in the center of the trap. It may be a few days before the oil on the wire of your trap disappears and turtles will feel comfortable with your trap, but don’t worry…THEY WILL COME!

      For the most effective use of your trap, you will want to tie strings to each side of the trap and stretch them out to hold the trap in the shallow (2’ - 3’) part of your pond. You will want to check your trap regularly and remove the turtles when too many get into it. Leave one or two turtles when you replace the trap so that new turtles will feel comfortable entering it.

     If you ordered the optional bait tower, attach it to the center of the inside of the trap with the lid of the bait tower on top.

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